Singapore Standard SS245: 1995 Cross reference to British Standard BS 7491 Part 3:1994 and BS EN 13280:2001.


Resin-Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin conforming to BC 3532 specification.
Fiber Glass- Low alkali fibre glass conforming to JIS R3411 to R3417 or BS 33396, BS 3496 and BS 3749 specifications.

Manufacturing Process
SMC hot pressed compression molding.

Tank Structural Support

- Standard Type: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.
- Optional Type: External Braced type (Metal-Free tank internal for non- partitioned tank only).

- Standard Type: SS 304 Tie-Rod or Cleat Angle Stay
- Optional Type: SS 316 Tie-Rod or Cleat Angle Stay
Roof Support - PVC Vertical Poles and GRP roof panel stiffener

Nontoxic PVC foam.

Bolt, Nuts, Washers
- Standard: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.
- Optional: SS 304/A2 or SS 316/A4.
- Standard: SS 304/A2 (In-contact with water)
- Optional : SS 316/A4 (In-contact with water)
Roof - Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel or unless otherwise specified

External - Standard: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.
Internal - Standard: PVC.
- Optional: GRP or 316

Water Level Indicator
Standard: Reversed Reading Mechanical Ball Float Type with Mouse.
Optional: Direct Reading Clear Tube Type.

Nozzle Panel
Flat panels will be provided for any type of piping materials.

  GRP Sectional Water Tanks
GRP FRP Sectional Water Tank
GRP Sectional Water Tank; supplied and installed for a customer in Qatar.