With about 10 years in the business, and over 35 years of combined experiences in the lines of
businesses the company deals in, Qatari Sources is a well-known supplier of HDPE and Steel
Drums/Barrels and Intermediate Bulk Containers [IBCs]. Our drums and IBCs come in universal standard
capacities and specifications and are also UN Approved and Certified.

    We also supply and install Sectional Water Tanks. Our main line of business in the sectional tanks line
consists of GRP Sectional Water Tanks, Steel Sectional Water Tanks [Fire Tanks]  and Stainless Steel
Sectional Water Tanks. Our tanks are of high universal standards and have gained the approvals and
certifications of The Civil Defense Dept. of Qatar and other Gulf Countries; let alone the great acceptance
and satisfaction our customers have shown for the product and services.
   A little about us