Pressed steel sectional water tank constructed with hydraulically pressed flanged panels, conform to BS 1564: 1975 and SS 22: 1979

Flanges of Plates:

The tank plates are pressed with a combined double flange at an angle of 45 degree and 90 degree to the face of the plate on four sides.

Stays and Cleats:

The stays and cleats are made of steel angle bar and steel plate.

Bolts, Nuts and Washers:
Hot Dipped Galvanized steel bolts, nuts and washers for internal and external.

Jointing Materials:
Nontoxic PVC foam to be used for all jointing between tank panel flanges.

Tank Cover:

Panel type tank cover supported by trusses and poles 600 x 600 square manhole and 100mm air-vent supplied as standard for each compartment.

Water Level Indicator:

Mechanical Ball Float Type.  


Aluminum ladder for internal and external.


(a) Hot Dip Galvanized conform to BS 729 or ISO equivalent.
(b) Black Bituminous Coated.
  Fire Tanks / Steel Sectional Tanks: