The SG-750 Mobile Solar Generator:

    The SG-750 mobile solar generator is capable of running your lights, appliances, charging your laptops, running your TVs or even charging your tools (at the same  household voltage you're used to) delivering a constant 500 watts of output power for a duration of up to 8 hours straight.

- very easy to operate

- easy-to-read gauges which provide you
with a peace of mind as to how much power
you've drawn and how much power you still
have in store.

- safe to operate, relatively light to handle

- "Soft-Start" technology; prevents sudden
surge or over-shock to your sensitive
electrical appliances.
- easy to maintain

- fault-free; since our solar generators come
equipped with a smart power inverter which
monitors your battery bank level of power and
prevents it from draining beyond its critical
  Our SG-Series mobile solar generators come equipped with a heavy duty battery bank, a pure sine-wave
power inverter, easy-to-read voltmeter LCD display gauge and a state-of-charge indicator.
All this will provide you with a piece of mind while you operate your SG-Series mobile solar generator;
regardless of the purpose or activities it's being used for.

Ease of operation consists of making sure the panels are extracted and locked in their horizontal position
for charging during the day, and are locked down in their slanted position for travelling or stowing away.
    This new solar powered electric generator
has gained a lot of attention and applause
from all our customers.

     It's a great source for renewable energy
where ever you are and it's:

- easy to tow and take with you to your work
site, camping grounds or sports events.
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