Whether you're operating or camping, working or playing, having your self-contained self-generating power source can be a major advantage when comparing that with a fuel generator as an alternative solution.
Generating power from solar (compared to fuel-driven generators:

-  generates no sound AT ALL; unlike a petrol or diesel generator

- generates NO smoke or odors

- NO rattles or vibrations

- does NOT produce heat

- has no moving parts

- does NOT require filling fuel, replacing filters, changing oils and fluids and is easier to check, maintain and monitor

- is usually a modern and pleasant site (compared to what an eye makes of seeing a fuel generator)

With our solar energy systems you'll have a piece of mind monitoring your power whilst relying on the components we supply you with, starting from power inverters to battery banks, smart charge controllers to lit LCD display voltmeters.
Also, and since you and ourselves are in the Arabian Gulf region, our solar panels are well-rated for functioning efficiently under high temperatures of up to 80C !!
Off-Grid Solar Installations & Solutions:

    If you're off the grid, you've still got power with us. Our solar units can be installed on the rooftop of (or next to) almost any building. Once that's done you got power.

Run everything:
- Watch TV
- Turn your lights on
- Charge your laptops and phones
- Charge and use your cordless tools
- Keep your fridge on

Solar Power on remote Cabin

In these images we're showing you a depiction of what a 1.5 KW system would look like on your cabin's rooftop. A system of this size promises to keep you with enough power whenever you need it, and most important wherever you need it.

It's so convenient that customers have frequently told us how they forget they're even off the grid.